Essentia & National Allergy Team Up for Allergy Friendly Sleep!

BedCare™ Powered by Essentia

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with National Allergy to create a new sleep system: BedCare™ Powered by Essentia.

National Allergy is one of the nation’s largest asthma, sinus and allergy product suppliers. The goal of National Allergy is to provide products that help make your environment allergen free. Given this, the marriage of Essentia and National Allergy was perfect.

“We are pleased to partner with Essentia to provide the World’s healthiest mattresses and look forward to showcasing the value of these products with our physician network and customers of over 40 years,” said Carlton Hardee, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, National Allergy.” We share the same vision of providing customers with healthy products suffering from allergies or just simply seeking to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Essentia specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of natural and organic foams. As the maker of the world’s only natural memory foam, Essentia’s patented technology makes it the only mattress able to address the 6 key elements that allow the body to recover faster from daily stresses while still offering a clean air environment.

Essentia products are also impervious to dust mites and proven to not cause latex allergies as reported by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. This is an important aspect of the BedCare™ Powered by Essentia line of mattresses, improving the bedroom to ensure an allergen-free environment.

BedCare™ Powered by Essentia collection includes 2 mattresses:

  • BedCare™ Powered by Essentia Lifestyle Organic Mattress
  • BedCare™ Powered by Essentia Performance Natural Memory Foam Mattress

You can find BedCare™ Powered by Essentia mattresses exclusively through National Allergy websites and physicians.

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