Essentia’s NEW Crossover Mattress: The Tatami Hybrid!

Merriam-Webster defines crossover as:
Crossover | noun | cross·​over | \ ˈkrȯs-ˌō-vər
1) An instance or product of genetic crossing-over.
2) An instance of breaking into another category.

With the introduction of the Tatami Hybrid mattress, Essentia is effectively changing the norm when you think of a hybrid mattress and elevating it to be the perfect mattress to begin your Essentia journey.

We achieved the first hybrid mattress in our crossover collection, the Tatami Hybrid, by marrying the best quality individually pocketed innerspring support with our new foam core that features Essentia’s patented natural memory foam surface. Essentia’s R&D team has created a latex core that harmoniously works with the innerspring to offer a familiar feel and motion while creating unsurpassed support and pressure redistribution that you won’t find in any other spring or hybrid mattress. The Tatami Hybrid is made using GOLS and GOTS certified materials and produced in our GOLS and GOTS certified factory assuring Essentia quality standards.

The Essentia Crossover Collection™ 

The Tatami Hybrid mattress has many advantages for your sleep, but the first huge benefit of the Tatami Hybrid is its cost-effective price point making it the perfect entry into the world of Essentia next level sleep. By creating the Essentia Crossover Collection we have added premium individually-wrapped pocket coils made of recycled steel, this component makes for a lighter mattress compared to our all-foam mattresses, and unlike other hybrid mattresses also a lighter price! The ergonomic support coils make the Tatami Hybrid more adaptable to all sleeping positions and body types as each individual pocketed coil reacts to body movement to contour to the better more easily, and in turn reducing motion transfer and offering edge support.

The luxuriously plush comfort layer of the Tatami Hybrid, featuring Essentia’s patented natural memory foam, is what really sets this crossover mattress apart from anything else on the market. We achieve a subtly soft feel with our pressure relieving natural memory foam, you won’t find us resorting to adding wool or cotton padding and we’ll never ask you to purchase an additional topper to make the mattress feel great. Plus, you’ll sleep cool naturally thanks to the breathability of Essentia’s natural and organic foams.

The Tatami Hybrid crossover model allows you the bounce of a spring mattress with the pressure relief of Essentia’s natural memory foam. For someone just beginning their natural mattress journey, the Tatami Hybrid mattress offers the best of both worlds with unmatched sleep benefits at an amazing price. The Essentia Crossover Collection is truly the first step to healthy sleep and wellness.

With a 10-Year Warranty, 120-Night Sleep Trial and Free Shipping you can get your Tatami Hybrid at starting August 7th!

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  1. It seems like a great hybrid product! I thought at first it was going to be a firm mattress because tatamis are traditional flooring unique to Japan.

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