Essentia on Anderson

Essentia on Anderson…Yay!

Essentia on Anderson

The Anderson daytime talk show is hosted by the silver fox himself: Anderson Cooper!

So you can imagine our excitement when we were approached by the Anderson show to help them do a feature.

The show which aired today, Tuesday May 26th, featured a lot on the hidden health risks in our homes, from toxic household cleaners, energy drinks and even your current mattress. Dr. Ian Smith gives some great tips on replacing your mattress and talks to Anderson about the benefits of our Essentia mattresses.

We gave away one of our Essentia Natural Memory Foam mattresses to a lucky Anderson audience member.

We’re also really excited to be making a custom mattress for Igor, the tallest man in America. Check out Igor’s story and why we couldn’t miss the opportunity to help him out.

Have you seen the episode yet?…..No? What are you waiting for!?


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