Essentia Outfits Atlanta Braves Performance Sleep Room!

Here at Essentia, we’ve always been at the forefront of performance sleep especially when it concerns athletes. With the introduction of the ProCor mattress, Essentia was able to provide that custom edge to athletes at home but we realized the need to provide the same high-performance sleep to athletes while on the road and during training. By teaming up with the Atlanta Braves on the performance sleep room we’re taking a big step in the right direction.

While sleep rooms have been a growing trend in several professional sports organizations, the Atlanta Braves organization did not feel it was enough to simply implement standard mattresses, but to source evidence-based sleep solutions that offered performance sleep and a true recovery advantage.

After extensive research, the Braves organization has identified Essentia Natural Memory Foam Mattresses as the highest performing mattress available. The Essentia mattress scored best on all features and benefits that impact the rate of player recovery, and was the only mattress supported by evidence based testing, recognized and reported by renowned institutions and leaders in sports medicine.

Essentia Performance Sleep

Packed with patented technology and backed by science, the Essentia mattress is the only able to address all physical and whole body recovery needs. Most importantly for athletes, Essentia mattresses have been tested by several doctors and institutions to ensure health benefits beyond just a natural and organic sleep environment. Dr. David Soria has documented the benefits of an Essentia mattress in relation to concussion recovery and Dr. Jace Provo has documented the benefits of an Essentia mattress helping to minimize the impact of temperature-affected sleep deprivation as it is the only mattress that permeates body heat and drops in temperature throughout the sleep cycle.

Essentia’s patented technology ensures 6 key elements that allow the body to recover faster from injury and concussions. These elements include Wholebody comfort & pressure relief, optimized R.E.M sleep, proper posture support, temperature control, contributes to clean indoor air quality and is designed and tested by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to not attract or emit allergens.

The Essentia mattress is loved by professional athletes in an array of sports and is recommended by the strength and conditioning coaches that work with them.


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