1st November 2016

Essentia’s Favorite Local New Jersey Spots for Healthy Living!

New Jersey: Here Are Some of Our Favorite Local Spots to Keep You Feeling Happy & Healthy

This month we are celebrating the opening of Essentia Paramus Park and Essentia Bridgewater Commons, the two newest Essentia showrooms. In honor of Essentia officially spreading its roots in the garden state, we wanted to share some of our favorite local spots that promote a healthy and happy lifestyle!

Where to Eat in New Jersey:

Dean’s Natural Food Market

When it comes to food, organic and all natural options are the only way to go. Keep your fridge stocked with all of your healthy favorites when shopping at Dean’s Natural Food Market. Not only does Dean’s have all the natural products you can’t find elsewhere, but also each of their stores has wellness experts on hand to help you decide which products are right for you. Did we mention they also have an organic juice and smoothie bar? We’re sold!

Seasons 52

A change of pace from your standard year-round menu, Seasons 52 crafts a new menu full of fresh ingredients catered to each season. Playing into and embracing seasonality, their goal is to bring out the natural flavor of each ingredient with rustic cooking techniques. Perfect for a night out their menus include a mix of healthy salads and hearty dishes with the latest catch of the day or steak. With only the freshest ingredients on hand, it’s easy to see why customers rave about this healthy spot.

Café Panache

One of the most popular restaurants in New Jersey—and we can see why! Incorporating all natural, farm-fresh produce and free range livestock, they take pride in using only the best ingredients possible. With inventive dishes that are as healthy and clean as they are delicious, we are not surprised to find this is a Zagat favorite and a staple amongst the community. Chef Kevin Kohler, the heart of Café Panache, champions using only the freshest ingredients as they are not only healthier and nutrient rich, but simply taste better.

Where to Sweat it Out in New Jersey:

The Meridian Club

The team at Meridian is all about caring for your body and putting your health first. Advocating for a healthy and balanced path to fitness, their experts but an emphasis on helping all of their members not only achieve their fitness goals but also work to maintain and improve their health. With a strong stance on the threat that environmental toxins can pose, we couldn’t help but include them on our list of places to get your sweat on—the healthy way!


We couldn’t help but highlight Equinox’s luxe fitness clubs that have set a new standard for fitness studios across the country. All about pushing you to your limits with expert instructors, Equinox champions what they call “the science of fitness,” which places a heavy emphasis on both performance and health. With a motto like “It’s Not Fitness. It’s Life,” we can’t imagine them having it any other way.

Ethos Fitness

Designed for women only, Ethos is both a fitness studio and a spa, what more could we ask for? Crafting an individualized experience for each client, Ethos specializes in promoting the overall health and wellness of all of its members. They believe that a motivating and welcoming environment is the key to achieving your fitness goals and we could not agree more. And moms, did we mention they also offer complimentary childcare? Sign us up!

We could not be more excited to be joining such forward-thinking businesses in New Jersey as we continue to promote the healthiest environment possible.  If you are familiar with our story you know that our founder and CEO, Jack Dell’Accio, began this journey after a family member was diagnosed with cancer. Once he discovered how many toxins we encounter each day—particularly in mattresses—he knew he wanted to help make a difference. His goal from day one has always been to make a healthy sleep system that would promote both wellness and sustainability. Years later we’ve developed the world’s only natural memory foam with whole-body recovery abilities unlike anything else on the market!

What are your favorite places in New Jersey that help keep you feeling happy and healthy? Share in the comments below.

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