16th August 2011
Alternative Energy

EV Does Over 1000 Miles On Single Charge!

With Gas prices hovering around 4 dollars a gallon in the U.S., the switch to a more fuel-efficient cars is becoming an inevitable future for most. The biggest problem that most people face when looking into electric cars is the range anxiety.

People don’t want to segue into electric powered cars because they don’t have the luxury of filling up where ever they want in 2 minutes. Most people don’t seem to understand that having a 100-mile range for daily driving is more then enough.

Just recently a prototype car was built with the intention of satisfying this range anxiety and successfully drove over 1000 miles on just a single charge. They car didn’t go very fast and wasn’t fitted with any luxurious features but it proved a very valid point, electric cars can go the distance.

With battery technology constantly improving, electric cars will be able to get a full charge in minutes and go distances that would put any internal combustion engine to shame.


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