There’s Glue in Your Mattress….Is There Toxic Glue In You?

I would have thought that the only way toxic glue would get inside me, is if I added some to my morning protein shake.  Unfortunately the unsuspecting consumer such as I am, gets an unhealthy dose of glue just by breathing at night.  How is that?  Well I Am glad you asked.

Mattress stores rope you in by putting their extra thick 22″ mattresses at the front door.  They taunt you with their cloud like softness as you walk by, daring you to come in and take a rest from your monotonous errands. The disturbing truth about the mattresses in the store, is something that most have never considered.

While there is usually an excessive amount of pressure point creating steel in a 22″ mattress, that is only 6-8 inches of the mattress.  The other 16″ are layers of various types of foams and fibers that give the mattress that gooshy ooshy feel that we all dream about (no pun intended).

Sadly though, the mattress manufactures don’t put those various types of foam layers together like Lincoln Logs.  They must be connected with some sort of adhesive or toxic glue so when the mattress is transported vertically, the ooshy gooshy doesn’t go all topsy tervy and they end up with a $4,000 sagging mattress.

Even sadder yet is the big wig mattress CEO’s prefer profit over health, and use toxic glues to connect all those layers together.  With the average mattress these days being 14″, and having between 5 – 10 different layers, you can bet your bottom that you will be ingesting more glue than Mrs. Robinson’s kindergarten class.

So what do you do to prevent this from happening?  If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, you swing over to Berkeley where this is a natural mattress store called Essentia.  Essentia Berkeley has mattresses without toxic glues.  In fact almost half of the mattresses they manufacture have no glue at all.  Check out Essentia Berkeley before you take another breath on your glue laced mattress.

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