5th November 2011

Heather Evan’s Art Exhibit – Familiar Forms

Opening Night will be on Friday, November 18th, 2011 from 5-8 pm at our Kitsilano Essentia Showroom.

Please come join this Vancouver based Welsh Artist at her opening night event!!!

Excited by the endless possibilities nature has provided for inspiration, she creates striking and intense oil paintings based on flora and fauna. Her illustrations are both fanciful and powerful.

Having studied at Bath Spa University College in the South West of England, she has been a visual artist since 1997.

“I enjoy observing nature and there are moments frozen in time that capture my imagination. I take a photo and go back to the studio to work, but the feeling changes from moment to moment. Painting is always a battle trying to reconcile a moment in memory with creating balance here in the present.”

Heather’s work dips into abstraction from realism, but always using reality as a starting point and a signature heightened use of colour.

“ I like working large scale as it helps me get across the feeling of wonder I get when taking the time out to really look at things.”

Mark this magical night on your Calendar.  You’ll meet this incredible artist, mingle with the arts crowd, and enjoy some moments of quiet contemplation


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