14th November 2011

Introducing Organic LEDs! Flexible and Non-toxic!

Recently, Canadian researcher Michael Helander at the University of Toronto created organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) on flexible plastic substrates.

Now you may be thinking, why is this beneficial to you? Creating this will help retain the high efficiency of their non-flexible counterparts and in comparison to normal LEDs, OLEDs do no not contain toxic heavy metals, such as arsenic, which have been banned in many jurisdictions. It gets better! OLEDs are amorphous which is awesome because they can be made into a variety of different shapes and forms, especially the designs on flexible plastic. These can be used to make roll-up computer displays or light-emitting wallpaper!

This is considered to be a great contribution in field of organic optoelectronics but a lot more work has to be done since there are still many kinks which need to be worked out. According to Helander, it should take at least three to five years before this technology is available on the market so stay tuned!

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