6th October 2012

Investing in Organic Food? Make Sure These are at The Top of your List!

We try to be mindful about our environment, and that includes what we wear, sleep on, and of course, consume.  But it’s not always easy to eat entirely organic food, and it can be difficult to know which foods are more important to seek out in the whole food realm.  And it’s not always logical.  For instance, you might think potatoes would  be less likely to contain pesticides since they are underneath the soil.  Actually, the opposite is true.  Since the dirt absorbs the chemicals it leeches it into the crop, resulting in 35 pesticides that have been found inside our luscious potatoes.  However, sweet potatoes, always pretty and tasty, are a much safer choice.

According to the EWG, the Environmental Working Group, some of the foods listed in the dirt dozen are quite unexpected.  Over sixty different pesticides have been detected in fresh peaches, and far less in the canned variety.  And those beautiful brightly colored sweet bell peppers  so yummy in soups and sandwiches.  They’re good for us, right?  Not so much; they also have fifty different pesticides!

Kale has been getting a lot of press lately as a superfood… Wonder just how safe is the non organic variety is?  Even though it’s a hearty green, it’s been shown to contain significant amounts of pesticides.   To make sure your Kale is truly super…invest in organic.

And what about Milk?  We know cows are often treated with antibiotics and hormones that transfer to their milk, in addition as many as 12 different pesticides have been found in milk!  Instead, opt for local dairies, organic, or milk alternatives such as organic Almond or Coconut milks.  One of my favorite local dairies is Ronnybrook Farm.  Their products can be found every Wednesday at the Union Square GreenMarket.  Good to know: they also sell decadent & delicious ice cream flavors from their highly pampered cows as well.

Need your morning coffee to get your engine going?  Coffee is farmed in countries with highly loose regulations on pesticide use, therefore your daily java can really be a chemical cocktail in disguise.  Instead, look for organic, fair trade or bird friendly labels.

The prettiest foods may be the most poisonous. So the next time you shop, be mindful of those foods you might like to pay a little extra attention and cash for.

Check out the complete list of foods from the EWG’s dirty dozen shopping guide: http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/summary/


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