Jack, Essentia CEO, at the Taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show Earth Day Episode!

We’ve been sitting on a big secret for a while, and we’re excited to finally share the news: Essentia’s Classic 8 mattress was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s Earth Day episode!

If you didn’t catch it live today, you can watch Ellen’s Earth Day Giveaways here.

We didn’t want to miss out on any of the fun, so Jack, our CEO & Founder, actually got to go to the taping of the show. Of course, we asked him to take as many pics as possible and share his experience with us.

Here is Jack’s account of his experience at the taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show Earth Day Episode:

Jack on Ellen cartWhat a great experience going to the Warner Bros Studio to see the taping of today’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, and to make it even more special, Essentia is one of the feature products during this Earth Day episode!

In keeping with Ellen’s character, we made sure our experience was fun from the get-go. Having one of my VPs, Billy, with me helped with this as Billy is usually a very tough, take no prisoners, lawyer type but watching this man turn into a marshmallow at the idea of being on the Ellen set was hilarious. I’m convinced Billy is the biggest Ellen DeGeneres fan I know; he was taking pictures of everything Ellen and I’ve never seen him giddier than when he got to sit on her chair on stage.

Jack and Billy on set

After getting our passes and getting on the lot, we used an Ellen golf cart to zip around the Warner Bros Studio and finally got backstage to meet the producers. Everyone on the Ellen Show team exudes fun and we spent most of our time laughing and cracking jokes.



I had a bit of anxiety while waiting, as the taping of the Earth Day picks was the last segment of the day. It was fun to see how the momentum of the show builds, and we enjoyed all the segments but the games they play had me laughing so hard it definitely took the edge off. I also enjoyed getting a glimpse into the production of a show like this, it was cool to see some of the little set malfunctions that you wouldn’t see on TV and how they bounced back quickly.


Ellen AudienceThe time was finally here, Ellen was on to present her Earth Day picks and wow was this a moment… the audience was full of emotion as Ellen was announcing each pick that culminated in the crowning glory, Essentia’s Classic 8 mattress.

I can honestly say I wasn’t prepared for the emotion I felt watching the incredible crowd reaction to our product, seeing so many crying and excited faces over the fact that they were being gifted our mattress was amazing. It fills me with pride to see our awesome products on the big stage. Watch out world, Essentia is going mainstream and soon every home will have one!

Was lots of fun.



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