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At Essentia, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality products possible. We believe that our customers are the best representation of our products, quality, and service as they have firsthand experience using Essentia mattresses, pillows, kid’s products, and accessories. Below are a handful of testimonials directly from Essentia Sleepers about their experience using Essentia products.



“Sleeping on our new mattress from [Essentia] and love is an understatement. It feels like a heavenly cloud and there’s so much room[…]Plus I sleep well knowing that it is hypoallergenic and made out of materials like Hevea Milk (rubber tree sap) to make natural memory foam!”



“This amazing all natural pillow by @essentiagram”

“This is the body pillow of dreams right here (made organic and all natural!)”




“We have been loving these natural memory foam pillows made from Hevea Milk. They are cruelty free, vegan and amazinggggg. I’ve never been like a pillow person- probably because I’ve never had a good pillow, but I will never go back!”



“Essentia made the pillow selection easy because their pillows are the only natural memory foam in the world! Made purely from Hevea Milk along with essential oils. We use pillows everyday, they touch our face and skin, we breathe them in. It just makes sense to me to use something that is pure and of course, sooo comfortable.”



“I am reaching for my favorite pillow. This one from [Essentia] is the best because it is made of natural memory foam, so it customizes perfectly to my neck.”

Dona Camaj


“There are brands like Essentia […] that go above and beyond to try and make it as healthy for you as possible while still making it as comfortable as the mattresses that do have those harsh chemicals in them, so you don’t have to compromise comfort for healthy or anything like that. […] Essentia mattress, they are literally known as being the world’s most healthy mattress. They have so many to choose from to fit your need.  I am on the Bionda right now […] Spoiler Alert: No joke best sleep of my life, I kid you not the absolute best sleep of my life, like better than the beds in any hotel I have ever been in. […] The founder Jack […] decided to create the world’s first and only natural memory foam mattress, and also to create natural latex mattresses. My mattress right now is a latex mattress, that is 100% organic latex.[…] The cotton fabric covering the Essentia mattress, it is 100% organic and unbleached fabric, it zips off, it is so easy to wash, it’s amazing, it has no smell, no chemicals, nothing, it is 100% organic […] Essentia uses Kevlar, which is the same fabric that is in bulletproof vests, they wrap that around in their mattresses and it provides the same fire retardant like effects so it has the same safety without all the chemicals harming your health […] The latex itself in the mattress is a 100% natural, organic latex made from Hevea Milk […] [Hevea Milk] turns into a rubbery foam, and it is a natural foam, as opposed to chemical foams which are traditionally used and its known for its durability. And this is the finest latex foam available. So Essentia mattresses don’t have perfumes or deodorizers like a lot of conventional mattresses do […] Essentia actually has essential oils in their mattress […] to provide soothing properties for the body, it has grapefruit, coneflower, and jasmine in it. […] I enjoy it, I actually love it, like  every time I lay on my mattress and I like breathe it in it’s very, very relaxing and soothing, I like it […] So as a substitute to the other harsh chemicals that are used in mattresses besides the flame retardants, Essentia uses natural plant extracts, and that is just the next step they take to ensure that you have a very healthy mattress […] Essentia mattresses are 100% Vegan, they have absolutely no animal products in them at all […] They have like all of the tests and certifications on all of these claims if you just go on their website. They are one of the most transparent mattress companies I have ever come across, I think it’s amazing, they truly stand behind what they say and they’re not lying. Everything they say their mattress is, it is, and that’s all it is. There is nothing that they are hiding or concealing or like trying to trick you. Honestly, just so comfortable and healthy for you at the same time”

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