1st January 2011
Green Products

Mail Order Organic and Fair Trade Food

We’ve been thinking about making a move to a remote location, now that my partner in crime/spousal unit type is employed in the far reaches of Northern Ontario. But one thought caught me with a fleeting panic – how would I buy organic and fair trade food?

And then I remembered all of the research that I have done in the past for this blog. There are lots of spots to order organic food online, even if most of it is dry goods. Organic produce, fair trade coffee – all of it can be ordered off the internet, no matter where you live.

Feel Good Natural Health Stores
These folks deliver great beauty products like Green Beaver and natural health foods all over the world.

Diamond Organics

From organic produce to pastas, these guys also deliver all over the world.

Upaya Naturals

Toronto was the first place that I learned about organic eating, from fair trade to macrobiotics. These vegan-loving people sell it all.

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  1. Organic Box

    This is a good starting list. It is also nice to know about companies who are based near where you live, so that shipping doesn’t cost so much. For example, https://www.planetorganics.com orders to ares around San Francisco which is near where I live.

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