3rd September 2015
In the Media

Meet Essentia Boca Raton

Essentia Boca 1

Welcome to Sunny Florida!

We’re so happy to introduce our flagship Boca Raton mattress store location and new style.

Essentia Boca 3

You can tell as soon as you walk in that we’re fully embracing Next Level Sleep. Why not let people know exactly what they’ll experience when they jump on an Essentia. And really, why take our word for it… This was the perfect place to incorporate some of the great things we’ve heard about sleeping on an Essentia into our store design. Plus who doesn’t like to show off just a tiny bit 😉

Essentia Boca 4

All of the wood along the bottom half of the walls in our Boca Raton location is actually reclaimed ship wood! We love the uniqueness of the texture and color. It definitely adds some drama to the loft style that we’re embracing.

Essentia Boca 2

Our mattresses are featured on custom build furniture style foundations… which you will probably see added to our product line soon, as well as our Rize adjustable foundation.

Overall the windows offer more light than we know what to do with, but it was expected after all we did move to the Sunshine State!

Essentia Boca 5

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