Meet Essentia’s Firm Organic Latex Mattress: Stratami!

You may remember that we were a little vague last month with details on the new mattresses coming to the lineup, well the wait is over! Meet Bionda and Stratami, the newest members of Essentia’s Lifestyle collection. Here at Essentia, we believe that a great organic mattress shouldn’t cost over 4k, and with the introduction of our new models, our we’re able to offer this option without increasing the cost up to our Performance models!

Meet The Stratami, Essentia’s New Firm Organic Latex Mattress:Essentia New Bionda & Stratami

There are a lot of firm latex mattresses out there, and they all have the same thing in common… they add copious amounts of wool or cotton to try to make them comfortable. Thanks to our new contour latex surface, the Stratami is a super comfortable firm organic latex mattress without the addition of a dust mite haven like wool or any fiber batting.

IMG-20160720-WA0004The Stratami offers exceptional support while still being comfortable due to the dome shape of our exclusive contour latex surface. The surface is a quick response foam, and the dome shape allows more air between the body and the surface for pressure relief that you won’t find on a traditional latex mattress. This on top of our organic support foam makes for a mattress that will last well into the 20-year warranty that it comes with!

On the Stratami you’ll experience an organic latex mattress without any fibers that would serve as a nesting ground for dust mites. Making it extremely allergy friendly, not to mention supportive and comfortable. Shop the Stratami here.

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