Meet the Essentia Hybrid Mattress Lineup!

A hybrid mattress is a joining of two worlds: a traditional spring mattress married with a foam mattress. A hybrid mattress replaces this high-density foam support layer with a spring or innerspring support core. This has one advantage as it does offer more edge support than an all-foam mattress. The durability of a hybrid mattress is then based on the spring layer which can lose support after extended use. For some people, keeping the bounce/feel of a traditional spring mattress is more important as not everyone can get used to the feel of a foam mattress. For those people, Essentia has created the top-performing hybrid mattresses on the market! Here we’ll break down the two Essentia hybrid mattress models.

The Essentia Crossover Collection™ 

Essentia’s 3 hybrid mattress models marry the best quality individually pocketed innerspring support with our new foam core that features Essentia’s patented natural memory foam surface. Essentia’s R&D team has created a latex core that harmoniously works with the innerspring to offer a familiar feel and motion while creating unsurpassed support and pressure redistribution that you won’t find in any other spring or hybrid mattress. As with all Essentia products, our hybrid mattresses are made using GOLS and GOTS certified materials and produced in our GOLS and GOTS certified factory assuring Essentia quality standards.

Essentia’s hybrid mattresses have many advantages for your sleep, but the first benefit is the cost-effective price point making it the perfect entry into the world of Essentia next level sleep. By creating the Essentia Crossover Collection we have added premium individually-wrapped pocket coils made of recycled steel, this component makes for a lighter mattress compared to our all-foam mattresses, and unlike other hybrid mattresses also a lighter price!

In fact, Essentia’s Tatami Hybrid has been tested and rated highly by some of the most recognized mattress reviewers on YouTube, and this review gives a great overview of how our Tatami Hybrid performs for many sleepers and sleeping styles:



The newest member of the Essentia family, the Stratami hybrid mattress shares its name with our top recommended mattress the Stratami. We knew giving this hybrid such a popular name was a no-brainer as the Stratami hybrid features the same active latex comfort layer that has made the Stratami the top-recommended foam mattress on the market.

Stratami Hybrid Layer Breakdown
Stratami Hybrid Layer Breakdown

Stratami hybrid mattress is the evolution of perfecting the hybrid concept, achieving the redistribution of pressure that springs usually cause on the body. The Stratami Hybrid then is as close as you can get to experience the performance of an Essentia foam mattress. You’ll still feel the bounce you expect from a spring mattress, but the layer of Essentia’s patented Natural Memory Foam in between the ergonomic spring support and latex comfort layer helps offset the issues pain points caused by a traditional spring mattress.

Offering a deep contour, you will feel more of a cradle at the shoulders and hips. This is the best-performing hybrid mattress today!


The ergonomic support coils make the Tatami Hybrid mattress more adaptable to all sleeping positions and body types as each individual pocketed coil reacts to individual body movement for less motion transfer and offers edge support.

The top layer of the Tatami Hybrid features our patented natural memory foam for a touch of pressure relief. You won’t find us resorting to adding wool or cotton padding and we’ll never ask you to purchase an additional topper to make this mattress feel great. Plus, you’ll sleep cool

Tatami Hybrid Layer Breakdown
Tatami Hybrid Layer Breakdown

naturally thanks to the breathability of Essentia’s natural and organic foams. The Tatami Hybrid crossover model allows you the bounce of a spring mattress with the pressure relief of Essentia’s natural memory foam. For someone just beginning their natural mattress journey, the Tatami Hybrid mattress offers the best of both worlds with unmatched sleep benefits at an amazing price.

Offering a mid contour, you will experience a gentle cradle and elevated lumbar and shoulder support.


Our entry-level hybrid mattress features a carbon-infused natural latex comfort layer on top of the recycled steel innerspring core. The firmest feel of all of our hybrid models, UrthSleep mattress is the option that would compare most similarly to an Avocado mattress. A true latex feel, the biggest benefit of the UrthSleep mattress is that you won’t find any wool for a truly vegan mattress.

The carbon-infused natural latex layer technology offers superior temperature regulation, wicking moisture away from the body and absorbing heat for a cooler sleep. Carbon-infused natural latex also offers potent broad-spectrum antibacterial properties that inhibit bacterial growth to ensure a clean sleep surface. As this is a true natural latex mattress, you won’t contour into the surface layer as you would on the Tatami Hybrid or Stratami Hybrid models.

The Tatami hybrid mattress, Stratami hybrid mattress, and UrthSleep hybrid mattress all come with a 10-Year Warranty120-Night Sleep Trial, and Free Shipping.

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