Now You Can Customize Your Essentia Mattress!

As we celebrate 15 years of Essentia we’re proud to introduce some fresh new ways to customize your Essentia natural memory foam mattress. 

Customize Your Essentia Mattress Height

We’ve heard you, and while this particular customization is purely aesthetic, we’re happy to offer different mattress height across all Essentia core models in our Lifestyle, Performance, and Wholebody Recovery mattress collections…. Yes, it seems that sometimes size really does matter 🙂 

Essentia’s core collection comes at a standard height of 8 inches, this is the perfect height for optimal spinal alignment and support without bottoming out. The low profile fits with great modern design interiors, but over the years we have gotten many requests for customization of the height of the mattress and now we are putting the power in your hands. Now, with every Essentia Lifestyle, Performance, and Wholebody Recovery mattress, you can choose to customize the height of your mattress to 10 inches for a nominal $400 fee or take it all the way to 12 inches for $800. The extra height is achieved by a separate natural latex bumper that zips right on to the bottom of your mattress. This allows you to have a mattress height that fits with your personal aesthetic and decor!  

Customize Your Essentia Wholebody Recovery Mattress Foam

In our continued advancement of sleep wellness technology, Essentia is proud to announce a natural memory foam customization exclusive to the Wholebody Recovery collection, an option to upgrade to our EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) grounding and barrier formula. EMFs, also known as electro-smog, are the frequencies that emit from electrical devices, and even more so from microwaves, wifi, and cellular signals. Essentia’s EMF grounding and barrier formula has been in development for many years and the final product demonstrates incredible results in preventing EMF waves from impacting and disrupting blood cells. Essentia’s testing has resulted in data that indicated the blood activity while resting on the Essentia EMF grounding and barrier formula WHILE USING a cellular phone is superior to the activity of a person NOT USING a cellular device. This indicates that we benefit from sleeping on the Essentia EMF formula even for general urban electro-smog.

These customizations are available now on the Essentia website and in-stores!

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  1. Hello. U was excited to see that you have developed grounding technology for your mattresses . Do you have any detailed information on your new EMF blocking technology? Is it copper? Orgonite? Also are you able to provide the studies showing the reduction of EMF disruption? And will it only be on the Whole Body Collection or are there plans to expand it to the Performance?

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