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Optimize Your Sleep for Optimal Living in 2024

We hear the same thing every year; “I’m going to lose 20 pounds” or “I’m going to learn a new skill”.  You put a plan together to make personal changes, you stick to your plan and in 3-4 weeks you’re right back where you started. Why didn’t it work? All we want is to live our best lives however we continually put ourselves in a position to fail. There is one key building block to success that allows you to thrive and help you achieve your personal best. Optimize your sleep!

Even with the best-planned New Year’s resolution, there are a million reasons why the plan didn’t work.  The most common reasons are: the plan was too big, you were not ready for change and you didn’t ask why you wanted to change. They say to transform your life, you have to make incremental changes that you are comfortable with and eventually, it becomes a habit. A habit requires little to no thought, and now it’s become part of your routine.

So what is a good resolution? 

Before you answer that, you must understand the difference between resolution and goal. Resolution is your decision to do or not do a specific behavior or something you want to change, IE: I want to save money.  A goal is your strategy to make it happen, the steps it takes, and when it happens. Most New Year’s resolutions are about a new experience and you do it once or twice. Changing your life requires overcoming your self-doubts and creating new habits.

A good New Year’s resolution is: “I want to optimize my sleep”. When we prioritize sleep we maximize our DEEP and REM cycles to reap all the benefits of mental and physical growth and repair. It allows the body and mind to perform at their peak throughout the day so you can achieve your personal goals.

Now that you have the resolution, it’s time to set your goals. How are you going to make it happen? What do you actively do and what can be achieved passively?

Active Goals:
  1. I will stick to a sleep schedule
  2. I will go to sleep 10-20 minutes early every night
  3. I will use my bedroom for sleep only
  4. I will unplug an hour before bedtime 
  5. I will exercise but not 2 hours before sleep 
  6. I will avoid eating late at night

Active and passive are defined in terms of the amount of action/effort required by individuals for them to be protected. A passive goal might be more “wishing or hoping”, you write your goal down on a piece of paper and put it away, only to come back to it and realize you’ve achieved your goal. Think of it like “Spray & Wipe vs. Wet & Forget”. You spray and wipe when you use it every day (active) and you spray and walk away/forget (passive). When effective and feasible passive measures exist, we should encourage and adopt them since they apply to virtually everyone. 

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Passive Goals:

Get an Essentia Mattress (Set Up and Forget) – set up your mattress once and allow our certified organic latex mattress with performance technology to do the rest – every time you sleep. 

  1. Create a healthy sleep environment by removing allergens and toxins
  2. Provide proper back support and spine alignment by eliminating negative space
  3. Eliminate motion transfer with Accelerated Recovery Foam
  4. Reduce heat with an active cooling sleep surface
  5. Provide EMF Protection for all wireless devices
  6. Increase DEEP and REM sleep

During your resolution journey, it is absolutely important to recognize and appreciate the positive outcomes of getting quality sleep as being crucial for “Optimizing Your Sleep”. Quality sleep has a profound impact on various aspects of our lives, including cognitive function, emotional well-being, and overall productivity. Reflecting on these positive outcomes can serve as a powerful motivator to stick to a healthy sleep routine.

Here are some of the positive results you may experience with good sleep: 

  • Improved Mental Clarity: better cognitive function and you’ll feel more mentally sharp and alert which allows you to weigh options, consider consequences, and make sound choices.
  • Increased Productivity: you may find that you can accomplish tasks more quickly and effectively when you’re well-rested, leading to a more successful and satisfying workday.
  • Higher Energy Levels: face daily challenges with more energy and be ready to engage in activities with your family.
  • Better Emotional Well-Being: a lack of sleep can negatively affect your mood which increases irritability and stress.
  • Physical Health Benefits: Getting quality sleep supports immune function, helps regulate appetite, and contributes to overall well-being.

We get it! There are times we have temptations to sacrifice sleep for other activities, so recalling the tangible benefits you’ve experienced on well-rested days can help reinforce your commitment to prioritizing sleep for long-term health and well-being. 

So get to it, make your New Year’s Resolution to “Optimize Your Sleep” and get a fresh start for 2024.

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