6th July 2010
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Organic Mattress Covers To Keep Allergies at Bay

If you’re asthmatic or allergy-prone like me, dust and other allergens can affect whether or not you have a good night’s sleep. I tried to solve this problem with a non-organic mattress cover.

I didn’t really notice much of a difference, until I removed the mattress cover to clean it and slept a night without it – my breathing was actually better. I realized that the plastic part, being so close to my face, was probably not helping me out too much in the breathing department, although the cover was obviously doing some good since my night’s sleep without it was noticeably dust-free.

So I started the search for a mattress cover that keeps dust mites out without any plasticized parts. So far the following seem like the best options:

Allersoft 100% Dust Mite & Allergy Control Mattress Cover

This cover promises a 100% urethane and membrane free cover which not only makes it friendlier to your sleeping lungs, but more comfortable.

The Allergy Guy.com
This private-label mattress cover promises no chemicals, dyes or other added treatments.

Solus Organic
This organic mattress cover has garnered excellent reviews at allergybuyersclub.com. Certified organic cotton in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standards.

These are specifically designed to keep allergens at bay. If you are purchasing an Essentia natural memory foam mattress, we make our own 100% organic cotton mattress covers from unbleached organic cotton. Essentia even uses organic dyes to make sure that the 100% is really a valid claim. While the Essentia mattress covers are not designed to keep allergens away like the above products are, they will make for a safe and healthy sleeping experience if you do not need a dust mite mattress cover. We also make certified organic mattresses.

Additional Steps to Control Dust Mites
Of course the best solution to controlling dust mites is to never get them in the first place. Here are a few simple steps to preventing dust mites in the bedroom.

-once every six months, spray down mattress with 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water.

-freeze any items that may contain dust mites for 24 hours such as pillows, etc. This will kill them.

-wash bedding and pillows weekly in hot water (hey, if you do the rest of your laundry in cold this little lapse is fine).

-vacuum and dust regularly, especially if you have carpeting.

-vacuum and/or wash drapes regularly to prevent dust buildup in folds.

-use a dehumidifier in your home if humidity is high; dust mites love humidity.

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