Environmental Health

Cleaning Silver Naturally

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qVErP-4anI[/youtube] The above video details a method using baking soda.  See one with salt below. A lot of us eco-nuts have silver jewelry that needs to be cleaned occasionally, lest it leave black marks on our wrists, fingers, or ears.  Problem is, most jewelry polish…
Q & A

Do Latex Mattresses Dry Out?

Jim From Calgary asked........ A mattress vendor in Calgary indicated to us that a latex mattress does not last long and becomes brittle in a dry climate such as Calgary. Would this be a potential concern in regards to your mattresses? Answer: Unfortunately, this vendor,…
Green Products

Sustainable Wood Bed Frames

Is there any better pairing for your Essentia mattress than a sustainable wood bed frame?  We don't think so.  Here are a few that we found for you: Asian Style Handcrafted Bed Frame http://www.downbound.ca/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=ANH-HCF-C333ASIAN-QUN-MAP Piano 3 Bed Frame http://www.naturalhome-products.com/beds/wooden-bed-frames/piano-3-bed-frame/ Furnature http://www.furnature.com/bed-frames.html
Green Products

Organic Toilet Paper

When you say "recycled toilet paper", many things come to mind.  Most of them are not pleasant.  However, "organic toilet paper" sounds very nice, so we'll stick with that. Seventh Generation, the wonder company known for their eco-diapers, cleaners, and garbage bags, also bring you…