26th October 2011

Pizza Costs $1 Million

How good does your pizza have to be, to be worth a million dollars?  Well, it actually doesn’t have to be good at all.  It can even taste like the cardboard box it comes in.  In fact, the cardboard box is where millions and millions of dollars are wasted every year.

When a pizza box has been contaminated with oil from the delicious pizza inside, it can have a catastrophic outcome if accidentally recycled.  I thought we were supposed to recycle cardboard?  Well, you are, just not cardboard soaked in grease.

The process of Recycling paper and cardboard is actually pretty neat. It is swirled together with water into one big stew.  Unfortunately when the paper material is contaminated with grease and oil, the paper fibers cannot be separated from the oil, and you have a ruined batch of paper gumbo.  This costs your city’s recycling programs millions, and wastes perfectly good recycling material.

The next time you go to recycle a paper plate or pizza box that is stained in grease, please know that not only will the piece of stained “recycle” not be recycled, but it will contaminate and destroy gallons and gallons of recycle chowder that otherwise would have been fine.  Check out the video below, where this supposed “Green Box” actually contaminates the cardboard so it cannot be recycled.


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