Re-enforce your Platform bed with your Health in Mind!!!

I’ve been smiling at work today “a lot”, since a kindred young family who had recently purchased an Essentia Classic 8 King came into our showroom, and brought my coworker and I chocolate truffles!  It was such a caring gesture and it made my day.  I am still smiling.

This family is also wanting to help other Essentia customers… How? They mentioned that, if another Essentia customer ever needed to re-enforce their current bed-frame with more pieces of wood a.k.a. slats, to choose the non-toxic plywood from Home Depot called PureBond. Home Depot was able to cut this PureBond plywood into slats for their bed frame with little hassle, and it gave their bed frame a lot more support.

When looking into this product recommendation, I read that this non-toxic technology for plywood uses a soy-Based Adhesive with no Formaldehyde to adhere their hardwood plywood panels together!

You might be wondering why a bed frame would need to have more slats added?  Simply, some frames have slats that are too wide apart and don’t offer your mattress enough support.  By simply re-enforcing your frame with more slats, you give your platform bed a stronger and more supportive base for your mattress.

I hope this tip may help you too, if you need to add some support to your bed frame, or even if you need plywood for other purposes.




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