9th February 2011
Green Products

Small Pet Stores See Great Future for Organic Pet Food Sales

It may be the Chinese year of the Rabbit, but owners of small pet stores think that it’s the year of the organic pet. Organic pet food sales are on track to grow three times faster than sales of conventional dog food through 2015 by an industry analyst, David Lummis.

Todd Martin, VP of Marketing for Castor and Pollux Pet Works, says that “People are treating their dog food like some people are treating their baby food. They want to know it’s safe, and they want to know it’s quality”. The firm has been making organic pet food since 2000.

The uptick in demand seems to be price-blind. Organic pet food costs up to 30% more than regular pet food, and that trend is unlikely to change if demand is high. From 2002 to 2009, sales of organic pet food increased ten times that of conventional pet food sales, according to the Organic Trade Association.

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