2nd March 2016
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Support322: 1 Month to D-Day!

Jack is well on his way to Triathlon greatness, and to date is 62 pounds down from his starting weight of 322lbs!

Jack-Hippocrates Cert

During this Support322 journey, Jack will be the first to tell you that change this big doesn’t come without some serious life transformations, which is exactly what he set out to learn about while doing Hippocrates Health Institute’s 3-week Life Transformation program. We mentioned that he was doing the program last month’s blog, and are proud to share that Jack has successfully completed the program!



It seems like the trade-off from coffee and sugar to wheatgrass and sprouts has been an easy one for Jack. As a matter of fact, I would venture out to say that he’s even enjoyed it! Honestly, the excitement when he brought wheatgrass juice into the office to share with all of us was palpable. He’s even gotten creative with his daily juices by adding beets, but Jack assures me that 50% of the juice he drinks daily is still sunflower sprouts.

When Jack shares his stories of what he learned at the program, I could feel that the ones that make the biggest difference are related to what we put into our bodies. He explained that he learned to make vegan tacos with walnut “taco meat” and promises that it wasn’t missing a single bit of flavor.


The healing power of wheatgrass has definitely been something that I never realized before speaking with Jack. Did you know that 2 ounces of wheatgrass has the nutritional equivalent of 5 pounds of vegetables! Yep, that shocking green juice has 2 x more Vitamin A than carrots, is higher in Vitamin C than oranges, has the full spectrum of B vitamins, as well as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium and potassium. He’s still trying to get us all on the wheatgrass train… but I think the best reaction to this has been from his father-in-law!

Speaking of sprouts… Jack also took sprouting lessons during the program. I think we may end up with a living wall in the office one day, which I’m definitely not opposed to 🙂

Either way, Jack tells me his goal is to maintain a 70% to 80% raw, vegan diet. Of course, there are a few exceptions… like celebrating the completion of the Life Transformation Program with a sweet treat of crab legs!

322-trainingApart from the huge changes Jack has made to his diet, he has been training daily to shed the pounds. He has two great trainers that oversee his daily training and map out what workouts need to be done in conjunction with his triathlon training. In Jack’s own words:

“These guys have been involved in my transformation day in and day out. Throughout all the different side programs that I’ve worked on, I’ve discussed all with Zack and Austin. They know their stuff and keep passing on their knowledge every time we are training. It’s been very important for me to understand the why and how of the body when it comes to weight loss and muscle building, these guys are awesome!”

So here we introduce you to Austin Fishman and Zack Olson, the pillars of Jack’s Support322 training program:

322-Zac & Austin

Austin Fishman

“I am an expert fitness trainer & coach at the facility… After assessing Jack, we came to the conclusion that our goal and/or main focus would be on weight loss. When training a weight loss client, my philosophy has always been to keep the client moving as much as possible throughout the session, train compound movements rather than machines so that we can make the entire body stronger as a whole, not bits and pieces, and mixing up resistance training with weight loss training…

What I mean by that is, I believe that many trainers get too caught up trying to only attack the “weight loss” aspect and do multiple cardiovascular exercises. Cardiovascular exercises are not bad, but it’s not the most efficient and effective way to help you lose weight. The classic saying, “if you don’t use it, you lose it” deems true when it comes to working out. Resistance training allows you to help maintain and build lean muscle mass while also losing body fat at the same time. Throughout my years of training, I have found that mixing resistance training and cardiovascular endurance is the best and most efficient way to train a client like Jack, and the proof is in the results! Support322!”

Zack Olson

“I have a BS in Exercise Science and Physiology from Syracuse University. I have been working in the fitness field for 7 years and have had an affiliation with sports and fitness most of my life.  Although I was never the type to run, I found the addition of a ball made all the difference and sports became my primary drive in life.

Because of this experience, my philosophy as a trainer is simple: Give people what they like. For example, anyone who knows Jack, knows he has a strong passion for hockey. When taking that passion into account combined with my experience as an athletics trainer, I design programs to keep Jack challenged both physically and mentally. Through practice and participation in athletics, I’ve found there is no greater benefit than a strong connection between mind and muscle. After all: The better you can perform, the better results you get!”

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