Embracing Simplicity

Especially in cosmopolitan cities we see a constant desire for “more.” The assumption being that excess is the ideal.  Manhattan, with its skyscrapers, crowed shops, and glittering runways, is the poster child for materialism.  Just walk down the street on trash night; the mountains of…

Next Up … Public Phone Sex?

I never was much of a phone guy, so when cell phones started to become commonplace, I wasn’t all that excited. But, out of necessity, more than anything, I caved. I was used to, after all, packing a pager for my various agents and bosses.…

Be a Passionate Expert!

Passion in life is important, so much so, that it can make you get up early in the morning with a smile on your face, or go to bed not knowing the time is so late. Being passionate about life is so important to one’s…