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30th October 2007
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The More Natural Tempurpedic

Natural TempurPedic

It seems that people refer to us as, “Essentia..the natural Tempur-pedic mattress“.

So Essentia is the natural Tempurpedic….. if that means a natural, healthy alternative to Tempur that sleeps cool and is more comfortable, i’ll take it. It’s fine by me. 😉

Tempurpedic’s commercials and website scream natural, fresh and there’s nothing natural about a Tempurpedic mattress. Tempur material, like all other memory foams are made with petroleum based chemicals. I guess that’s natural… oil is a natural resource, right?

Common complaints with Tempur mattresses include headaches, eye irritation, heat build-up, strong chemical odors / fumes / off gassing. ppeeeyuuuu

Thankfully when you make a natural product, many of these issues aren’t a factor.

A lot of people didn’t think it would be possible to make something that is natural and still has the pressure relief of a traditional memory foam. Thankfully, we thought outside of the box and have proved them wrong! Our slow response latex foam really is the best of both worlds, giving you a REALLY comfortable mattress and no harmful VOCs! Imagine That!

So if you’re interested in a natural, non-toxic mattress made with the only natural memory foam in the world, natural latex, organic essential oils and plant extracts check us out.

Our mattresses offer a supremely comfortable sleep, being natural is just a bonus.

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  1. daphne valentine

    i was curious about the Tempurpedic mattress and hopefully someone can answer this question. my parents’ house caught fire this morning and they have this mattress. it started in the bedroom at the foot of their bed. my father had gotten out of the bed to go to the bathroom and came back to a bed being engulfed in flames. i know that these specific mattresses have a heat retaining element to them, but can they heat up to the point of combustion? has anyone heard of such happenings with this mattress? i can’t find any info on line…maybe it doesn’t happen or maybe i am in need of other sources.

  2. jason

    Hi Daphne,

    I’m no chemist but i don’t think Tempur mattresses are vulnerable to spontaneously combustion but they sleep hot.

    Made from petroleum they do burn up like a marshmallow if not treated with fire retardants.

  3. MontherOf3

    I bought a Tempur and it smells like chemicals!!

    How bad is the offgassing for my health? I’m furious the store won’t take it back. there should be a law about selling a mattress that reeks of chemicals. I don’t know how anyone would want to sleep on something that offgasses so bad. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s NOT normal.

    I wish i would have done a search before.

    Found you guys a little too late. Do you take trade ins?

  4. Deborah Balem

    I agree with Mother of 3. We recently bought a Tempurpedic and the chemical smell is so bad, even after aring it out for 2 weeks! My eyes water, my nose burns and I get a headache every time I lie on it. We finally dragged it out of the bedroom and are now sleeping on an air mattress while we figure out what to do. I think there should be a class action against this company. Nursing mothers are warned not sleep on these, the petrochemicals are passed through breast milk. Terrifying.

  5. NewMother

    Our new Tempurpedic was delivered about 3 hours ago, and I am astonished by the off-gassing. Our infant’s room is no more than 10 feet from ours and I am not only worried that I won’t be able to sleep more than 2 minutes on this bed, but more importantly that our baby will spend his next several months breathing toxic air circulated across the hall and throughout the house by the central heating system. I have always been so careful about choosing eco-friendly products; I think my new-mama brain syndrome must have taken over in favor of finding an immediate solution to my husband’s back problems. Does anyone actually know which chemicals we are breathing? I’m just starting my search. I’m afraid I may have to send this back ASAP (we were told we could have it on trial for 90 days) and find the latex or other tolerable alternative.


  6. Susan

    I have owned a tempurpedic before with no problems. However, I bought two new tempurpedic beds over two weeks ago and the off-gassing is still making me sick. Headaches, burning nose, nauseated. I slept on the couch for the first week hoping it would subside and then gave in to the comfort of the bed. I am pregnant and scared about what this could be doing to my developing baby if it’s making me this sick. As with the others on here, they cannot be returned. I’m in for a class action suit.

  7. Lynn Horton

    Have been to 3 doctors, had numerous blood tests and a brain scan! with no telling results…nausea, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue…I am certain after experimenting with sleeping on my tempurpedic/not sleeping on my tempurpedic that the bed is the culprit.
    We’re over the 30 day return deadline, of course, and $2900 down the tubes. Any help/suggestions?

  8. NIck

    just bought a rapsody tempur the gas smell made me so light headed and sick i had to sleep on the couch. if it does not leave it will be returned within days.

    • K

      If u bring a mattress in to your home that makes you sick you need to Google what’s inside it. You will be amazed!! Don’t wait for smell to leave because its not just the smell killing you its the horrific chemicals in this mattress you are laying on. I had one brought into my home two weeks ago & thought I would die. Went into a full blown asthma attack and I don’t have asthma. Googles what there doing to our mattress’s today and I called the company to get it out of here after my throat closed up, eyes burned and felt like someone lit a match under my nose. After the mattress left my home I was detoxing the chemicals out of the skin on my arms and legs, sores every where itched and burned. If I walk into a mattress store I about come unglued now. I am now looking into an natural latex mattress. More expensive but much safer. If you have children in your home it can bring on medical problems for them also and if u gt pregnant you could have enough in your system it could leave you with an autistic or some other related ill child. Good Luck

  9. julia

    I just bought the new Grand bed and I am feeling weak and tired in a different way than I ever have before. The smell is ovewhelming. If I open the windows to air out the smell when it’s 10 degrees out, I’m spending a lot to reheat the house. I’m afraid for my little boy breathing this stuff. I suspect these chemicals are neurotoxins and damage the immune system but I don’t know for sure. Someone who works in a bed strore told me these mattresses off gas hydrocyanide! I know some plastics, also made from petrochemicals leach phalates which immitate natural hormones to a damaging effect. I was hoping the negatives would be outweighed by the comfort of the bed but now I’m not so sure.

  10. G Johnson

    I am amazed at this out gassing problem. I have had a Tempurpedic since 1999 and have never had a problem with odors or fumes. I did change the matress cover to a regular matress pad because the water resistant one did sleep hot. I have sevaral friends that have them also and have not heard any complaints. I feel it is the best matress I have ever owned.

  11. MOLLY

    I thought I had the flue, I am now leaving a fan on for the order, how long does it take for the smell to go away

  12. Rosejean Goddard

    The controversy about tempur vs natural mattresses is making me wonder about the tempurpedic I’m about to order. What’s the real truth?

  13. Rosejean Goddard

    Why are tempurpedics sold if they are so damaging?
    A lot like politics! The truth is hard to find when there are so many fabrications (lies).
    I guess I’ll just try the tempurpedic with the
    ninety-day trial period. I’m wanting advice!

  14. Alexandra

    We received shipment of our new Bobopedic mattress 3 days ago. I felt fine the first morning , but woke up yesterday (2nd day) with a headache and mild nausea periodically throughout the day. This morning is the same.

    I am horrified to learn that my suspicions were founded by similar signs from others. I will be calling the company as soon as i sign off!

  15. jj

    I feel I made a $5000 mistake, the odor does go away after a month. But after 6 months I am starting to have pain in my shoulders and back. If I’m in this bed over 7 hours a night. I have the adjustable and find my body out of adjustment if I have it elevated at all. especially my neck.

  16. Jan P.

    I have had a temperpedic for seven or eight years. It’s adjustable and does sleep kind of hot, but I’m addicted to it and use my laptop in bed with the back raised up. I don’t remember any smell from it ever, smells of all kinds I am unusually sensitive, particularly chemical to I am a restless sleeper and adjust it alot during the night. It’s the only bed I have had since I started having back spasms that is comfortable. My doctor, who is into natural stuff told me to get rid of it on principal but it cost 5,000 and I really can’t afford to. Maybe some of the beds are worse than others since it never has had a smell. Lately my husband won’t sleep in the bedroom and he sleeps on the couch but he thinks it is because their is a water leak in the wall and a smell of mold he hates. He repainted the room and the mold smell is much less and doesn’t bother me. Still, I am concerned about all the uproar but there isn’t anything I can do about it.

    • Jen

      Have you checked under your mattress for mold? A lot of memory foam beds have mold because they trap moisture.

  17. Robert

    Anything that will reduce the amount of pollution we are all exposed to is a good thing. Who knows what kinds of chemicals are coming out of the mattress you sleep on. Just think you are breathing that stuff all night long. Knowing that you are sleeping on a more natural alternative has to put your mind at ease.

  18. Holly Reiter

    I don’t think it is a Termpuripedic problem but a problem with all mattresses today except those that do not have flame retardant sprayed on the foam. I think the flame retardant is the problem. It is only requirement since 2007. That is why people who bought earlier don’t have the problem. We did not buy a Tempuripedic but a Stearns and Foster and are returning it because of the strong chemical fumes coming off it. I am sitting here at the computer typing this 5 feet away from the bed, 5 days after the bed was delivered, and the stench is overpowering. My eyes are burning, and my mouth, lips and tongue tingling from the chemicals.

  19. chanda

    It is interesting how people spend more time researching on the type of cars they will buy (including myself in times past) than on the one piece of furniture that can have such a drastic effect on their sleep, health and well being. Thanks for good healthy alternatives.

  20. Jenn

    How long does it take a tempurpedic to off gas?

  21. Stacey

    I bought a tempurpedic mattress almost a year ago and it began making me really sick so I started looking online for alternatives. I am still paying off the last $500 of the mattress so I don’t have the money to pay for one of your mattresses outright. Do you offer financing?

  22. Jujubean

    I just bought a Tempurpedic Cloud and it stinks!

    The Cloud smells is soo bad i havn’t slept on it yet and it’s 2 weeks old. Now i’m working with the store for an alternative.

    Wish they sold your products or wish i knew you existed before i bought it.

    I can’t believe tempurpedic can get away with sticky ass mattresses like these. Who accepts the new mattress smell?

  23. Stephanie

    We recently had to return a Tempurpedic mattress because of all the horrible outgassing. I was sick for 5 weeks straight! The mattress we returned was the Tempurpedic mattress (Cloud Luxe), we LOVED that mattress but couldn’t stand the chemical smells.

  24. DLeonard

    I recently was given a Tempurapedic bed for my birthday and have not sleep on it for three days I had such an immediate reaction to the fumes and I called to have a sales rep explain this and they basically said give it 2 weeks and maybe I need to go to Doctor because it has to be something else ? How insane is that to ignore the possibilty of endagering one’s health.
    So back it goes and that price I do better getting an organic mattress. Im still in search any honest info out there? Does anyone care ?

  25. Holly

    I have talked to people who have bought Simmons beds recently, and they have not complained about the fumes. Maybe Simmons uses a different flame retardant.
    We finally bought a custommade bed from a small company near us that I found on the internet. Instead of flame retardant chemicals, the proprietor covered the bed and the box spring in natural lambs wool, which is also a flame retardant. The price was about the same as a mass produced bed, and I have had no reactions to the bed.

  26. Pat Campbell

    I just bought a tumper-pedic contour signature last Wednesday. The fumes are horrible. Should I just return it now. I thought the fumes might clear up but I am worried that the mattress will still be toxic.

  27. smith

    I want a natural Tempur-pedic mattress. Why doesn’t Tempur-pedic buy you out? They should be selling natural memory foam, not that toxic stuff their selling. I guess there’s no space for a conscious in corporate america.

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