1st December 2011

The Myths Of Sleeping On Your Tummy – Part 2

Are you a Stomach Sleeper?

Here are more great responses from Dunbar Physio’s Peter Curtain who has taken the time to answer pertinent questions about Stomach Sleeping!

Below you’ll find our next set of Sleep Q & A’s!!!


3.    When I sleep on my stomach, my head is only comfortable turned to the left.  Why do you think this is? Should I try to sleep with my head to the right as well when on my stomach?

The most common reason for this is subtle asymmetries in range of motion in the neck and upper torso. The neck itself may be restricted on one side; there may be the presence of a mid-spinal “S” curve (thoracic scoliosis); one of the shoulders may naturally sit forward. The human body is a marvelously integrated machine and range restrictions can come from other parts of the body.

Should one try to “even up” the turning to both sides…NO! This may lead to significant pain and dysfunction.

The best course of action is to work out if there is any physical reason for the less comfortable side and address it.

An appointment with your trusted musculo-skeletal (MSK) specialist is a good place to start.


4.     What type of pillow should I use if I am a tummy sleeper, or is it more about the height of the pillow and not what it is made of?

The best style of pillow for the tummy sleeper is one with a low-rise and no contour.

The low-rise allows for the least forced rotation and lateral flexion.

No contour permits a smooth entry angle of the neck to the pillow.

Respect must be paid to the pillow’s material to avoid the “Goldilocks’ Syndrome” – too firm & the neck rotation is too severe; too soft & there is not enough for support which even the rotated neck needs.

Memory foam is an excellent material choice. Of Essentia’s pillow line, I recommend the “Classic” for tummy sleepers.

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