26th February 2013
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The Skinny on Raspberry Ketone


Have you heard of the new diet fad, Raspberry Ketone, which is hitting Canada and the U.S.A.?

I came across the diet supplement called Raspberry Ketone the other day, and it sparked my curiosity   No, I do not want to lose weight, nor do I use supplements, but I know people who do.  As it happened, I chanced upon an old clip from the Dr. Oz show about this raspberry supplement:


As Dr. Oz mentioned during his show, Raspberry Ketone is considered a natural weight-loss supplement.  As might be expected, it comes from raspberries, and at this time is not associated with any side effects, at least none that have been thoroughly researched.  Kimberly Snyder, a celebrity nutritionist, does mention, however, that this weight-loss supplement can increase a person’s temperature and by doing so, increase the person’s heart rate and blood pressure.  For more information on potential side effects and her thoughts on this supplement, please click here.

Here is the thing–if you feel you need to take a supplement, why not stop and think first about the time it will take to drive to the store to get the supplement, and then consider how you will have to take the supplement every day for who knows how long. Why not save the money you were going to use on a supplement and buy healthier food options?  Start getting into healthy food habits, and get outside and be active.

I think so many of a person’s health issues boil down to lack of movement and poor food choices. What do you think?  If you have taken supplements before for weight loss, have they stood the test of time?

My advice: get out and about, turn off the T.V. or cell, and walk–just walk off those extra pounds!  Get active, stay active, and live a happy life!

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  1. Jenny

    Umm it works for me! I’ve already lost almost over 15 lbs with it and I just started in January as my new years resolution. Just watch out for the scams out there. Not all of them work. If you want to try the raspberry ketones Im using you can get them at http://urlcheck.us/ketones

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