This Valentine’s Day Skip the ‘One Size Fits All’ Mentality!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we know you’re all on the hunt for that perfect gift for your special someone… and if you’re like me it’s more like a gift for yourself 🙂

I got to thinking about Valentine’s gifts and what I’ve received in the past… without a doubt the number one gift has got to be those massive boxes of assorted chocolates. And yes, whenever I think of those boxes I think of this:

Forrest Gump-Chocolates

And isn’t that the truth, think about what that chocolate box looks like before you throw it away…. if you’re like me, there’s a bunch of half eaten pieces that you didn’t like. So yes, you never know what you’re gonna get but you have a choice to eat it or not. And why would you eat something you don’t like. That box of chocolate is the quintessential “one size fits all” Valentines’s Day gift.

“One Size Fits All”… let’s be real one size never fits all, anytime I hear that phrase I think of this Buzzfeed article that clearly shows what “One Size Fits All” looks like on different body types. If this doesn’t work with clothes, why would it work with a mattress?

There’s been a ton of these “one type of mattress fits all” companies popping up on the internet, but we’re all built differently so wouldn’t the same concept apply? How does one mattress feel great to everyone? The simple answer is, it doesn’t. Here at Essentia, we’re big believers in choice. You get to choose what is most important for YOU!

The Essentia Difference

Essentia has 7 different mattress models separated into 3 categories: Lifestyle, Performance and Wholebody Recovery. With these categories, you can find the mattress that best suits your needs. Want to see what really makes Essentia stand apart from everything else, check out these quick videos:

Patented Natural Memory Foam:


Sleeping Cool:

Unmatched Pressure Relief:


Allergy Friendly:


Posture Support:


Wholebody Recovery Technology:

This Valentine’s Day think outside of the “One Size Fits All” box and choose Next Level Sleep fit for you. Keep on eye out for our awesome deals this February and even a super cool Valentine’s Day special!

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