10th October 2011
In the Media

Wal-Mart Stores Closed In China Over Organic Mislabeling

Wal-Mart is required to shut some of its stores in Chongqing and to pay fines after some of its managers were charged with mislabeling regular pork as organic pork. Police detained some of the managers and have ordered the actions based on their findings.

The infringement was not a minor one. Over 14.4 tons of pork were mislabeled purposefully and sold as organic. While it may not be right to lose faith in the credibility of a country over the actions of a few managers, China has also been in the news recently for exporting food that was mislabeled as organic. Quite frankly I look at the provenance of any organic food I am buying and if it comes from China, I don’t trust it.

How can China regain my faith in organic food? If they participated in an international labeling system that was overseen by a third party.


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