We Like it Raw! Halloween at Hippocrates!

We had the pleasure of being a part of the Hippocrates Health Institute Raw-loween this past weekend. It was definitely a big change to go fully raw on a day that is so typically filled with high fructose corn syrup and copious amounts of sugar…


The audience at Hippocrates annual Raw Festival was definitely intrigued by our patented natural memory foam. For most, it was the first time hearing about the product and more importantly getting a chance to try it out. It was recently announced by Hippocrates Health Institute director, Brian Clement, that the entire Hippocrates campus would be outfitted with Essentia mattresses by the middle of 2016. This is a huge game changer for everyone.
Hippocrates teaches you how to heal your body, but until now, this was mainly done on a conscious level while you were awake. The food you eat, how you process emotions, the exercise to keep your body healthy and while sleep is a vital part of healing your body WHAT you sleep on is not something that many people consider. Essentia’s recovery mattresses act as an incubator for the human body, providing an optimal environment so healing can occur while you sleep. Getting the crowd at Raw-loween understanding how vital sleep was and seeing everything click was really the icing on the cake for our team.

20151031_131757The cosutmes at Raw-loween were really creative, but we felt the really winner was world renowned massuese Bodhi Da Silva’s take on Monsanto. He really stayed in character and sounded so ridiculous that it makes you wonder why people are fighting the Non-GMO movement so hard. And that is where Bodhi really brought it down… corporate greed. One day we’ll all realize that the hype is real and big corporations like Monsanto get in with the Goverments for their own good and not really for our health. 

Hippocrates Food
Apart from meeting awesome people we got to have a real Hippocrates foodie treat: walnut tacos with red pepper and corn salsa as well as “tuna” salad wraps! Luckily for you we’re able to share the reciepe for the walnut tacos which really were the star of the plate. Get the recipie:  Walnut Tacos and Red Pepper Corn Salsa.

And what is Halloween without a Centaur sighting!


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