Why Natural Hevea Rubber is Awesome

All Essentia beds and many other latex mattresses are made with a natural latex called Hevea rubber. The tree that is the source of Hevea rubber is called “Hevea Brasiliensis”.

This lacticiferous plant supplies practically all of the world’s natural rubber through plantations mostly found in Southeast Asia and Western Africa. A very small proportion comes from uncultivated Hevea trees that grow in Brazil. Hevea Brasiliensis requires a climate with heavy rainfall and without frost.

Like with maple syrup, the milky white sap (also known as latex) is obtained by tapping the trunks of the trees. The rubber tapping process involves making incisions across the latex vessels in the bark that are just deep enough to tap the vessels without harming the tree’s growth. The latex then oozes from the bark and is collected in small buckets. Harvesters can tap a rubber tree for latex once it reaches approximately six years of age.


Natural Hevea Rubber is the Best for Mattresses. Here’s why:

  • Hevea sap is antibacterial and contains a natural dust-mite repellent. This means a clean sleep environment that is free of chemicals.
  • Natural Hevea Rubber mattresses are durable and flexible.
  • A non-synthetic rubber, Hevea is breathable and temperature-sensitive so your body will not overheat
  • One of the properties of this rubber is its ability to naturally prevent mold growth through good air circulation
  • Hevea latex is flexible yet stable, which makes it ideal for long-lasting comfort.
  • This rubber bounces back fast and hence provides excellent pressure point relief
  • Natural Hevea Rubber is an overall healthy choice since it is not made from chemicals


Interesting Facts:

  • The word “Hevea” is derived from “heve”, which is a local word for rubber in the Amazon.
  • The name “rubber” comes from the use of the natural substance as a pencil eraser that could “rub out” pencil marks.

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